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Wynnton Neighborhood Housing was incorporated in November 2007 by a group of individuals who had worked together building Habitant for Humanity houses and repairing 20 houses that were severely damaged in Hurricane Katrina.  We applied for 501 (c) (3) status with the Internal Revenue Service in February 2008 and received notification of our status as a Public Carity in July 2008.  We have identified the East Wynnton neighborhood of Columbus as a area with low to moderate income families many of whom live in sub-standard housing.   

The program initially will benefit low and moderate income families, but will eventually eliminate slums and blight in the East Wynnton neighborhood. The program will assist existing homeowners living in substandard housing to acquire safe and dependable housing and families currently renting to acquire new homes. Without assistance, many of these families will never be able to improve their living conditions. Funds generated from the sale of houses or repayment of loans will be used to purchase parcels and build new houses for needy families or repair houses that can be repaired.  We are improving the East Wynnton neighborhood one house at a time. WNH is working very hard to change the East Wynnton area back to a desirable, safe place to live and raise a family...ONE HOUSE AND ONE STREET AT A TIME.



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